Features and Benefits

What makes the prospect of introducing the Flyte Bluetooth Headset so easy to like are the features and benefits that are so easy to sell. With the two main concerns voiced by the majority of expected purchasers being sound quality and microphone quality, the Flyte more than meets the demands of the discriminating consumer while incorporating a wealth of additional features sure to make this headset a hit.

Sound Quality is enjoyed in the form of popular 3D surround sound, assuring end-users of extended enjoyment of state-of-the-art technology.

Microphone Quality is due to an internal, high-performance parabolic design, giving consumers the versatility they demand for gaming, online chatting and making phone calls.

Addressing the demands of the continually growing mobile market are the Flyte’s Flexibility and Wireless Capability. It’s compatible with virtually any sound source featuring Bluetooth wireless technology — PCs and Macs, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, gaming systems — while providing up to eight hours of wireless music playback and as much as 12 hours of chat time, all at a range of 10 meters. Plus, the headset can be charged simply through a computer USB port. Add its Collapsible Design with protective case that makes it even more convenient while traveling, and you can see why the expectations are so high.

The Flyte also delivers in the area of Controls. A large, easy-to-find and easy-to-use multifunction button makes this headset attractive to consumers looking for simpler operation, and features like voice dialing make it just the thing to show those who want the newest technology.

It all comes together in a Sleek and Fashionable Look, something that has become quite important to the expanding segment of today’s headset users who insist on coordinating even their electronic accessories into their style.

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